Project Overview

Air Force GearFit is a secure platform for reporting all non-safety gear issues. From JHMCS discomfort to G-Suit sizing, aircrew can report any type of equipment problem.

  • Report gear discomfort, fit, and quality issues.
  • Get problem-solving support from ACC leadership, the AFE career field, and AFMC’s Human Systems and Female Fitment offices.
  • Inform the next generation of gear. Aircrew feedback is used to shape and prioritize future requirements.
  • Provide feedback anonymously or openly; all feedback matters.


Access real-time trend data on gear issues by gear type, aircraft,
or gender to inform future gear acquisition standards.

Does your mask always
grind against your nose?

Do you need a bladder
device specifically for women?

Could you benefit from
different size options for survival vests?

Our Team

AF GearFit was created in partnership between the Female Fitment program at the Human Systems Division, the USAF business innovation office BESPIN, ACC MAJCOM, and the vendor company Skylight.

The product development team consists of BESPIN airmen and Skylight digital experts who work to build and continuously maintain AF GearFit.

Target Audience

AF GearFit is designed for those who experience a problem with their equipment and aren’t able to get a resolution from their local AFE shop (or don’t feel comfortable going to the AFE shop with a problem).

“Our goal with the AF GearFit app
is to bridge the communication gap
between aircrew and equipment decision makers
in a manner that hasn’t been done before
through existing feedback mechanisms”



  • From PEX: click on the link in the sidebar
  • From your EFB: Open the Blackberry app; click on the shortcut icon
  • From a browser on any CAC-enabled device:
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