Project Overview

BRICE is a web application developed to provide live, real-time information updates to crew chiefs on the flightline with the goals of improving documentation capabilities and data accuracy, increasing flightline efficiency, and offering a better user experience than traditional legacy systems.

  • Application development began with the goal of improving the aircraft maintenance documentation process.
  • The BRICE Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was pushed to production in CloudOne on the Prometheus platform.
  • The development team pushes continuous releases to address minor bugs, provide new features and functionality, and scale to new locations across the Air Force.


Allows crew chiefs to manage
work orders in real-time

Real-time synchronization with
the backend maintenance system

Accessible on mobile
or desktop

Our Team

The BRICE team consists of organic Air Force service members and teammates from Fearless, Clarity, and Skylight.

Target Audience

  • The BESPIN BRICE application was built for crew chiefs, who manage the overall maintenance workload for an aircraft.
  • The BESPIN BRICEE application is currently fielded with beta units at Nellis AFB, NV and Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ.

I really like this... it's much
easier to use than [the legacy
maintenance system]. It
should save us time
since we
can do [our documentation]
here on the line.”


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