Project Overview

Digital University is an online learning platform catering to warfighters by offering courses to improve their technical skills. DU is revitalizing the way the Air Force and the United States Space Force train its cyber warriors by providing integrated training pathways that guide users toward desired end results.

  • Committed to realizing BESPIN's goal of having solution centers complete the app delivery process from ideation to delivered product in as little as 88 days.'
  • More than 8,000 users have created accounts and 11,000 hours of training has been provided.


Courses offered from BESPIN
vendor partners, including Udemy,
Udacity, and Pluralsight

Course topics cover a multitude of
technologies: AI, data analytics,
web design, and more

Digital University interfaces with
the Digital LEAP and
Drudonna programs

Our Team

Digital University is led by a team of BESPIN developers with support from senior developers from BESPIN vendor partners: Fearless, OMNI, and Hypergiant.

Target Audience

Beta testers are currently limited to Airmen but in the future, Digital University plans to include members from sister branches.


“The Air Force is focusing on
investing in our digital Airmen
to ensure that they have the
ability to build the technical
needed to be a
lethal fighting force.”


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