Project Overview

A high-quality bootcamp-style education is the first step for many Airmen as they take on new technical roles. The Drudonna program trains and mentors participants in a structured environment in all aspects of mobile software development, from high-level strategy to the most intricate technical details by industry experts.

The three-week iOS Bootcamp covers full stack development, Swift programming, agile methodologies, user stories, Git usage, design concepts, and culminates in a capstone project to demonstrate comprehension.

The overarching vision of Drudonna is to provide an industry-leading enablement and mentorship model for Airmen.


Drudonna has a mission of enabling citizen coders within the Air Force.
Through this training people can build modern solutions through software.

Class sizes are capped
at 40 participants

Classes taught by BESPIN
industry partner, Big Nerd Ranch

Airmen are able to solve specific
problems with software solutions

Our Team

The BESPIN Drudonna team partners with vendor company Big Nerd Ranch to provide students with top-notch training and education.

Target Audience

The ideal Drudonna student is an airman who does not have formal training but has been writing code on the side and would like more education. The Drudonna program will enable you to formalize and build on the skillset you already have.

“Now it’s easier for me to
provide feedback on decisions
and designs. I can say how
something would work in
Android and iOS to provide a
consistent User Interface
for the user.”


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