Project Overview

Mobile Delivery as a Service (MDaaS) enables app teams to develop and deploy iOS, Android, and web based mission applications using a standardized and approved approach. MDaaS packages the configuration and delivery of modern development tools and resources to support continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) of BESPIN applications.

MDaaS provides an adaptable pipeline equipped with technical tools and capabilities designed to streamline the development of iOS, Android, and web applications, and ease the process of achieving and maintaining ATO.

MDaaS provides policy recommendations and guidance for developers, as well as support for the Application Delivery Teams in the BESPIN ecosystem while they build deployable applications.


Development tools are deployed
in a predictable, repeatable, and
reliable manner.

App teams can leverage MDaaS
resources to develop and
deploy applications.

Automate and reduce the
amount of mundane,
repetitive tasks.

Our Team

MDaaS was created in partnership between Fearless, Clarity Innovations, and USAF business innovation office BESPIN.

The product development team consists of a cross-functional team with BESPIN’s in-house developers and digital experts from Fearless and Clarity with a primary focus to design and build features that are designed to fit government needs.

Target Audience

MDaaS is designed for both citizen and organic developers within the BESPIN ecosystem who want to streamline mobile application development via modern CI/CD tooling and workflow.

“We want MDaaS to provide
immediate feedback for teams
so they start to understand
exactly how to improve their
security and delivery posture.”


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